Are you obsessed with anything and all things design related? From fashion, to home, to weddings and more…inspiration is around every corner. With the right eye, ingenuity, diy ideas and a propensity for thinking outside the box, your whole life can be styled to be as unique and chic as you are.

For designer / life stylist Courtney Donnelly, design has been driving her passion every step of the way. A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Ms. Donnelly earned a Bachelors of Fine Art in Fashion Design.

After running an evening and bridal dress company in NYC for five years, Ms. Donnelly decided to launch her life and style firm…allowing her to unleash her design passion on every aspect of life. Ms. Donnelly has experience in many areas including; graphic design, brand styling, interior design / styling, wedding / party styling, vision planning, life organization, photo shoot styling and custom vision planning. There isn’t an aspect of life to small or too grand, that Courtney Donnelly Designs can’t put their creative touch on. Visualize the life you want, style your life in that direction and become your dream.